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Trady launches powerful websites for contractors, faster than a hammer. Each website is conversion optimized so your customers will book or call you instead of your competitors, and uses AI to generate website copy and layouts so you don't have to. We specialize in home services websites, with an online job booking engine specifically engineered for your trade.

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Written by Ava , Senior editor, Industry Expert


Last Updated March 9, 2023

Trady vs. HiPages

In Australia, everyone loves tradies. There’s a whole reputation of buff, sexy tradesmen who come to your house to take care of things. The Trady platform is built to give tradies a website that’s as powerful as they are – with their own unique Trady web address, and online bookings and payments tools, including CRM and job management – all for free, forever, no credit card required. In Australia, HiPages is a popular directory for tradies to get their services listed. But that’s all that HiPages is: a profile page on HiPages to list your business. So, most tradies realize they also want their own website – and a powerful  Trady website can make all the difference. 


Trady gives you control: a complete Trady website, optimized for search engines, with your own web address with Trady, online bookings and payments tools, and so much more. Australian tradies use HiPages to get leads and exposure. But they don’t have full control over their online presence because HiPages controls their profiles and the leads they get. To be honest, you may end up deciding you want both, and that’s okay: a HiPages profile, and your Trady website. 

Comparison table

Personalized Business WebsiteYes ✅No ❌
Online Booking ToolsYes ✅No ❌
Full Control Over Your Online PresenceYes ✅No ❌
Global ServiceYes ✅No ❌
CostFree forever. No cc req'd.Starts from $219 per month
Free TrialForeverConditional

Personalized Business Website

With HiPages, you get a simple business profile page that goes into an online directory alongside the hundreds of other businesses that compete with you. That’s fine for getting the occasional lead. But if you want to build a powerful online presence, you need to have your own website. Trady helps you build an industry-specific website in minutes, with powerful AI tools crafting content for you so your business can get online quickly and easily.

Online Booking Tools

If you don’t have any lead credits, you get no bookings from HiPages. It doesn’t matter if you’re still paying for your profile. No credits mean no leads. Trady has no restrictions on how many leads your new website generates. Even better, you get a host of trade-specific tools, including online booking, payment processing, and invoicing, built right into your Trady website and included for free.

Full Control Over Your Online Presence

A Trady website is yours to do with as you please. You get your own web address with Trady and control over what happens to your website. If you want to add more content, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. With HiPages, you get a standardized business profile that goes into a single directory that HiPages owns and operates.

Global Service

HiPages is only available to Australian businesses, meaning tradespeople from other areas of the world can’t use it to get leads. With a Trady site, it doesn’t matter where you’re located. You can still build your site, and use Trady’s tools, to rank well in local search engines and attract customers anywhere in the world that you operate.


A customizable website from Trady costs nothing, but is a unique website for your business that includes. With HiPages, you have to pay at least $109 per month, along with paying extra if you run out of lead credits for the month. Even at such a high cost, you’re getting less control and a restricted online presence compared to what you get with Trady.

Free Trial

Every Trady pro gets their website and the whole Trady platform for free - forever - and can immediately start generating leads, tracking clients and jobs, and processing invoices and payments. HiPages offers a one-month free trial, with a condition: that trial is only available for a limited time to contractors affected by ProBuild going into administration. Everybody else has to pay at least $109 for a month to try the service. 

Trady is a no-brainer: spin up a full  Trady website for your business now, and by this arvo you could be booking new jobs and taking payments. Too easy.