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Trady launches powerful websites for contractors, faster than a hammer. Each website is conversion optimized so your customers will book or call you instead of your competitors, and uses AI to generate website copy and layouts so you don't have to. We specialize in home services websites, with an online job booking engine specifically engineered for your trade.

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Written by Ava , Senior editor, Industry Expert


Last Updated March 9, 2023

Trady vs. GoDaddy

This comprehensive article will provide an overview of how Trady and GoDaddy compare, since both have website builders, so you can build a website for your business. This is important because new clients are going to have a tough time finding you if you don’t have a website. Without a website, you’ll have to rely on third-party directories and word-of-mouth. Client departures and churn will happen. Tradesmen who don’t have a website run the risk of not being able to backfill their client-base when that happens. A smart and profitable tradesman will always want to have new prospects approaching them, so they can re-fill their client-base and keep it secure.

On the surface, it seems like Trady and GoDaddy offer a very similar service. Both have website builders and allow you to host your website so you have complete control over it. But when it comes to industry-specific tools for the trades, Trady comes out on top every time. Trady was built so that out-of-the-box, clients can book trades jobs on your Trady website, pay for those services, and you can manage your jobs and invoicin with Trady. GoDaddy is just a generic website builder, not purpose-built for the trades. And your Trady website is free forever, no credit card required, and includes free CRM, jobs management, payments, and invoicing.


Comparison table

Website HostingYes ✅Yes ✅
Job Management ToolsYes ✅No ❌
Online Bookings Built InYes ✅No ❌
Invoicing and PaymentsYes ✅No ❌
CostFree forever. No cc req'd.$9.99 per month

Under-the-hood, your Trady website has tools that are purpose-built for the trades: job management, CRM, invoicing, payments, and more. GoDaddy websites are generic and don’t have any trades-specific utilities powering them. To get those functionalities with GoDaddy, you would have to build your GoDaddy website and purchase separate trades-specific software, then integrate it into your GoDaddy website yourself. Going with a GoDaddy website will be more expensive, more complex, with no guarantee that it will all work together smoothly. Trady has everything powering your website that you’ll need to run your business – in a single, all-in-one package – for the same price as just a generic website from GoDaddy.

Website Hosting

Both Trady and GoDaddy help you to build and host websites for your trade business. They even work similarly in that you can get a website built and online pretty easily. But with GoDaddy, you’re just getting a standard website that is just a few pages and acts as a business card for your company. Trady combines standard website-building tools with blogs, search engine optimization tools, AI-assisted content creation using GPT-3, and trade-specific tools. For example, with a GoDaddy website there’s no way to do job management, scheduling, CRM, invoicing, or accept payments in-person from a client right from the phone. Trady has all of that included, all-in-one, as part of your Trady website.

Job Management Tools

Keeping track of bookings, invoices, and customer payments is difficult at the best of times. It’s made even harder if you don’t have an online portal dedicated to managing your jobs. With a GoDaddy website, you get no job management tools. It’s just a website, and that’s it. Trady gives you all of the tools you need to manage your jobs, market your business, and generate leads.

Online Bookings Built In

If you want to accept payments through a GoDaddy website, you have to upgrade to a costly e-commerce package. Even then, you can only accept online payments for physical items. There is no booking system unless you use a third-party service or plug-in, which costs even more money. Trady has online booking tools built in so you can offer the level of convenience that say they need to follow through with an online purchase.

Invoicing and Payments

GoDaddy can’t provide invoices to your customers or for your company’s records. Trady can, and it’s included for free with your Trady website. GoDaddy also doesn’t allow you to take payments online for services rendered, unless you pay extra for an e-commerce package focused specifically on shipping physical products. Trady does. The point is that with Trady, you have all the tools you need to run your home services business included. GoDaddy doesn’t provide any of those tools out of the box, and would require costly extra software and integration work to get close to what Trady already gives you. 


Websites on GoDaddy start from $9.99 per month, but GoDaddy site's monthly costs rocket up past the $20 mark if you need additional features. With Trady websites, you’re not just paying for a website - you are also getting useful tools that generate revenue and enhance convenience, whereas a GoDaddy site charges you for things a trades business may not need, just so you can access a tool or two that helps your business. Trady is the clear all-in-one choice to power trades services businesses.