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Written by Ava , Senior editor, Industry Expert


Last Updated March 10, 2023

Trady vs. Angi

Trady and Angi (formerly Angi's List) are both useful to trades businesses, so it’s important to understand the differences. Do you want your own full-featured Trady website for your trades business, on your own web address, over which you have complete control? Do you want clients to be able to book jobs right on your Trady website, and have that tied straight into your Trady job management CRM under-the-hood? Or do you just want a free profile page on the Angi’s List website, alongside your competitors, that charges you every time you get a lead? Those are the questions to consider when choosing between Trady and Angi’s List. And candidly, you may decide you need both – and that can make a lot of sense, since Trady and Angi’s List serve somewhat different purposes. 


Comparison table

TitleTradyAngi’s List
Full Tradesperson WebsiteYes ✅No ❌
Your Own Web AddressYes ✅No ❌
Generate Your Own LeadsYes ✅Leads come from Angi’s
Invoicing, CRM, Payment FunctionsYes ✅No ❌
Powerful Website ToolsYes ✅No ❌
CostFree forever. No cc req'd.At least $15 per lead

Full Tradesperson Website

With Angi’s List, you can create a profile page to tell people about the basics of your business. But that’s it. You don’t get a full website, which means less chance for clients to find you on search engines or social media. It also means very little control, no blog, no online bookings and payments, and a very limited online presence. Trady lets you build a fully-functional website with no coding experience at all. Just answer a few questions when signing up for your Trady website, decide what services  you want to put on your site, and let Trady’s AI-powered technology handle the rest. You’ll have a full website of your own, purpose-built to handle services businesses, that includes job management, CRM, invoicing, and a lot more under-the-hood.

Your Own Web Address

With Angi’s, you get a profile page, controlled by Angi’s and hosted on Angi’s own website. That’s it. With Trady, customers can go straight to your web address, and search engines will be able to rank your website in search results. You can even upgrade to Trady Pro and get unlimited options with regards to domain and branding. Creating both a profile on Angi's List, and your own unique website with Trady, your business has more opportunities to rank in Google. 

Generate Your Own Leads

Both Trady and Angi’s help you drive more leads to your business. But again, the control issue comes into play. Trady gives you a full website, meaning you can create landing pages, and advertising campaigns, and use SEO to drive more people to your website – where customers can book jobs for free with you, right on your own Trady website. With Angi’s, the site itself decides who sees your profile and who doesn’t. And if a lead comes from a customer seeing your Angi’s profile, you have to pay Angi’s to access that lead. Not with your Trady website: every lead you get on your Trady website is your customer, completely free.

Invoicing, CRM, and Payment Functions

According to a poll from , 83% of your customers rate convenience as being more important to them now than it was five years ago. With a Trady website, you have features such as online booking, online payments, and powerful invoicing functions right on your site. That means customers can book, pay, and get their invoices without ever needing to pick up a phone. Angi’s simply shows the customer a list of businesses that can offer a service, and leaves the rest in the customer’s hands. Having your own website that can accept job bookings from clients is a big advantage. Convenience will win every time.

Powerful Website Tools

Trady features search engine optimization tools, which you can use to make your website rank higher on Google. It also has AI-powered content and layout features, so you save time that you can spend on your business and its clients. With Angi’s, you don’t get a website. 


It’s free to set up a profile on Angi’s. That’s the good news. The bad news is that nothing in this from Angi's is truly free. Angi’s charges anywhere between $15 and $85 per lead you receive, meaning a single lead from Angi’s costs you more than launching your own trades-specific website with Trady. 

So, even if you build yourself a profile on Angi’s List because you feel you need to be listed there, be sure to also spin yourself up your own full-featured Trady website for free, so you can also have your own business website, and a full-featured CRM under the hood.