How to Start an LLC in Iowa

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Iowa is one of the best states to start a small business. The various state-funded tax incentives, small loan programs, and business funds make it easy and affordable to start an LLC in Iowa. Moreover, the low-cost living and high-quality amenities make it favorable for long-term growth and sustenance.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can start an LLC in Iowa in 7 simple:

Name Your Business

The first step to starting an LLC in Iowa includes deciding on the business name. Iowa has certain state regulations for business names. If you already have a business name, you may need to tweak it to ensure it complies with state rules. On the other hand, you can use a business name generator for ideas and inspiration if you feel indecisive or can’t come up with a name you like. You must also ensure that the business name you choose is available.

Click here to conduct a business name search in Iowa.

Reserve the Business Name

Reserving the business name is not essential for starting an LLC in Iowa. But this additional step can save you from repeating the first step. Moreover, Iowa has the lowest fee for business name reservations, costing only $10 for 120 days.

Click here to reserve your Iowa LLC business name.

Get a Business Address

Businesses in Iowa require an official address. While this address can be a residential, out-of-state, or virtual mailbox address, it cannot be a P.O. Box. If you don’t have an office/outlet for your business, opt for a virtual mailbox service instead of submitting your residential address. It will maintain your privacy and keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Click here to get an Iowa virtual mailbox address.

Assign a Registered Agent

All Iowa LLCs must have a registered agent. A registered agent is responsible for representing and conducting LLC paperwork on its behalf. You can name yourself, a business member, or even a professional service as your LLC’s registered agent as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria require the agent to be a state resident with a physical street address. They must also be 18 years or older and available during work hours to conduct business.

Click here to find an Iowa Registered Agent.

File Certificate of Organization

A certificate of Organization refers to a document detailing and confirming information about the LLC getting established. The information required by the certificate includes, but is not limited to, business name, principal address, and duration; name, address, and contact information of the registered agent; names and addresses of business members; business management structure; and signature of the person filing the certificate.

It is filed with the Iowa Secretary of State and is the essential step in starting an LLC in Iowa. Therefore, you must ensure that the information you include in the certificate is correct and true. Filing the certificate of organization in Iowa is filed online and costs only $50.

Click here to file a Certificate of Organization for your Iowa LLC.

Receive Certificate of Establishment

Once the certificate of organization is reviewed and approved, you will receive a formal certificate stating the confirmation of the establishment of your LLC. The certificate of the establishment will be issued within three days to three weeks of filing the certificate of organization.

It is important to keep the certificate of establishment safe. It will help you register your business with the federal government through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN will enable your business to hire employees, open a bank account, and file taxes.

Click here to obtain an EIN for your Iowa LLC.

Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement

An operating agreement contains the outline or framework of a business’s operations. This includes information on business members’ roles, responsibilities, and contributions; management structure; business dissolution terms; liability clauses, ownership; voting rights; profit sharing; adding or eliminating members, etc. These details prove significantly valuable during lawsuits or unwanted demands and requests. Therefore, even though you aren’t legally required to prepare an operating agreement to start an LLC in Iowa, creating one is a good idea.

Click here to prepare an operating agreement for your Iowa LLC.

After completing the above stages, your Iowa LLC will become a legal entity. At this point, you can move on to another additional but one of the most crucial steps of starting an LLC in Iowa, i.e.: 

Get a Website and Market Your Business

Establishing a business on paper is only half the work; the other half involves establishing it online, making it visible and accessible to the audience.

But marking an online presence can be considerably more challenging than making the business a legal entity. It requires building a website which involves securing a domain, securing a host, writing copy, designing a layout, adding visual content, and optimizing, so it becomes searchable. Moreover, you will also need to market your business through various social media platforms, local websites, and traditional sources of magazines and newspapers so your audience can get to know about your business and access it when needed.

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