How to Start an LLC in Arizona

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A limited liability company or LLC is a business structure popularly used in the US. It offers multiple advantages to business owners, such as protection against personal responsibilities of the business’s debts and liabilities. 

The requirements to form an LLC vary from state to state, but starting an LLC in Arizona is pretty easy. 

Read on to learn all the steps required to start an LLC in Arizona. 

Name Your Arizona Business

The first thing that must be done to start an LLC in Arizona is to develop a unique and attractive name for it. But the important thing is to comply with the naming requirements set by the state. These include: 

  • A unique name that’s different from existing business names already operating in Arizona. You can check for name availability by clicking here

  • The name should contain the terms “limited liability company” or its abbreviation as LLC or L.L.C. 

  • The words used by government agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, etc., cannot be used in the name. 

  • If your name has special words such as attorney, lawyer, bank, etc., you may need to get some additional paperwork done. 

Appoint a Statutory Agent

As per Arizona laws, you must appoint a statutory agent for your LLC. In other states, a statutory agent is also known as a registered agent in other states. 

A statutory agent can be a person or an entity that receives all legal notices and documents on behalf of the LLC. If you appoint an entity to be your statutory agent, ensure they provide registered agent services. 

Here are some other requirements for a statutory agent as per the state laws: 

  • The agent must have a registered address in Arizona

  • The agent should be present on-site at the registered address during standard business hours

  • The agent in writing must accept the role

Prepare and File Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization is an official document with all the basic information regarding your Arizona business and formally establishes your LLC. 

But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You only need to fill out a form that’s available online. Here’s what you will need: 

  • The name and address of your business

  • Definition of your LLC type (regular or professional)

  • In the case of a professional LLC, describe all the services offered.

  • The name and registered address of your statutory agent

  • The management structure of your LLC. Clearly define whether your LLC will be managed by managers or members

  • Signatures of the person who wants to start an LLC in Arizona

Once your articles have been filed and approved, your LLC becomes established officially. 

Get Your Certificate from the State

After all your documents have been approved, the state will issue you a certificate. With the help of this certificate, you can also get an Employer Identification Number, a business license, and a bank account. 

Create an Operating Agreement (Optional)

An operating agreement is not a requirement to start an LLC in Arizona. However, if you have one, it can benefit your business considerably. 

Simply put, it is a document that clearly outlines how you will operate your business. If you don’t have one, you might be at a disadvantage because the courts create one on behalf of your LLC as per state laws. In this case, the court doesn’t consider whether or not the operating agreement is in your favor. 

Here’s what the operating agreement generally includes: 

  • Name and address of your Arizona LLC

  • Duration of the LLC

  • Name and registered address of the statutory agent

  • Details about the Articles of Organization

  • How will your business divide its profits and losses

  • Total number of member of your LLC and their contribution

  • The management system of your business

  • The procedure followed for onboarding and releasing employees

Publish Notice of Formation

Business owners must fulfill their publication obligations when starting an LLC in Arizona. More specifically, you must publish the Notice of Formation of your LLC in the newspaper for 3 weeks consecutively. 

The newspaper you choose must be approved by the county of the LLC’s principal office. 

Here are all the things that should be mentioned in the Notice of Formation: 

  • The name of your LLC

  • The name and registered address of your registered agent

  • The business address of your LLC

  • The management system of your LLC clearly defines whether your business is manager-managed or member-managed

  • Name and address of the LLC’s manager or members

Obtain Your EIN

The IRS generates a 9-digit number for LLCs. This number is known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN). It helps manage state and federal taxes and allows you to hire employees. 

Create a Logo and Website

Once you have successfully created an LLC, the next step is to set up a front for your business by creating a website. Additionally, you will also need a logo to spread business awareness. A professional graphic designer can make the logo. 

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Market Your Arizona LLC

The last step is to start interacting with your target audience. The best way to go about this is to market your business on social media and use email marketing. SEO optimization also works wonders. 

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