How to Start an LLC in Alaska

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If you’re planning on starting a small-scale business in Alaska, getting your business registered as an LLC is essential. A limited liability company or LLC offers countless benefits, including tax benefits, liability protection, etc. 

The good news is that starting an LLC in Alaska is an easy task. Read on to learn how to start an LLC in Alaska in a few simple steps. 

Name Your Business

Every business needs a name, and your Alaska business won’t be an exception. But before you pick a name, you have to ensure that it complies with the naming requirements set by the state of Alaska. These include: 

  • Your name should include LLC, L.L.C, Limited Liability Company, Ltd. Liability Company, or Limited Liability Co. 

  • Your business name should be different from any existing businesses in the state. Click here to check for name availability.  

  • The name cannot contain words used by government agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, etc. 

  • City, village, and borough are words that can’t be used for naming your business in Alaska.

  • Words such as lawyer, bank, and attorney have additional licensing and paperwork requirements. 

Choose a Registered Agent

A registered agent can be a person or entity that receives all notices of lawsuits, tax forms, and all legal documents on behalf of the LLC. Choosing a registered agent is required for starting an LLC in Alaska. 

The agent may be yourself, an employee of the LLC, or an organization that offers registered agent services. 

Requirements for a registered agent include the following: 

  • The company must provide registered agent services

  • The entity/person should have an Alaska address

  • The agent must be available during business hours on-site

Identify Your NAICS Code

Identifying your North American Industry Classification System code is essential to start an LLC in Alaska. A six-digit number classifies your LLC according to the business activities. This number may be needed for filing annual tax returns and for reporting statistical business data for a particular LLC category.  

You can learn more about the NAICS code by clicking here

Prepare and File Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization is an official document that establishes your LLC. It lays out all the basic information regarding your business. 

But to register the LLC properly, you must prepare the Articles of Organization and get them filed with the State of Alaska Corporations Section. All you really need to do is fill out an easy online application form and submit it. 

To do so, you will require the following: 

  • LLC name

  • Name and address of the registered agent

  • A general statement that defines your reason for forming an LLC

  • A duration in which your LLC will exist. In most cases, the time period is indefinite, but if you’re starting an LLC in Alaska for a specific period, you can define the dates. 

  • Definition of the management structure, whether members or managers will be managing the LLC. 

  • Signatures of the person forming the LLC

Once your Articles of Organization have been filed, the state secretary will review everything and give final approval if there aren’t any issues. After gaining approval, your LLC officially becomes a legal business. 

Receive Your Business Certificate From the State

After all your documents have been filed and approved, the state will issue a certificate. This certificate officially confirms the existence of your LLC. 

If you filed your documents by mailing, receiving your certification might take approximately 15 business days. In this case, you will receive the certificate and stamped Articles of Organization by the Alaska Secretary of State by mail. 

In the case of online filing, you won’t receive any mail, but the approval process will be instant. You can view and print your stamped Articles of Organization and certificate from the state’s online database. 

Obtain a Business License

In Alaska, businesses require a license for operation. The license can be obtained from the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing. But it is important to note that the license expires each year on December 31. But it can be renewed after you pay an annual fee. 

The annual licensing fee in the state of Alaska is $25. 

Get Your EIN

The Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a nine-digit numerical figure. It identifies your LLC for taxes. 

This number is assigned by Internal Revenue Service or IRS. The EIN can be attained online or by mail via the IRS. 

The Employer Identification Number allows you to:

  • Open a bank account

  • Manage and file taxes and the state and federal level 

  • Hire new employees 

Create a Website

Now that you know how to start an LLC in Alaska, your job doesn’t end there. First, you need to create a website for your business that will act as the forefront of your LLC. It is important that your webpage offers an exceptional user experience and provides valuable information to visitors. 

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Market Your Business

Once you have a website, you can get started on marketing your business. It will help boost customer outreach, allowing you to gain more leads. 

Today, social media marketing is the best way to gather more customers. You can opt for both organic and paid marketing tactics to create an online presence. 

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