How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

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The coronavirus pandemic saw a dramatically increased demand for swimming pools. With the at-home swimming pool market expecting steady growth, starting a pool cleaning business can be highly profitable. Chances are, you already knew when you searched for “how to start a pool cleaning business?” So without further ado, let’s dive into the details of starting a pool cleaning business:

Make a Business Plan

Planning a business before starting is essential to stay focused and ensure steps are executed smoothly. Writing a business plan requires research, but it is worth investing time and energy as it will prepare you to run the business more efficiently.

Here is a list of contents you will need to include in the business plan:

  • Cover Page

  • Table of Contents

  • Summary – an explanation of the contents of the business plan

  • Overview – pool cleaning business description

  • Services List – list of the services offered by your pool cleaning business 

  • Pricing Strategy – list of prices for the services offered by your pool cleaning business

  • Market Analysis – demand for services you plan to offer in the local market

  • Competitive Analysis – other pool cleaning businesses offering services in the area

  • Marketing Plan – plans for advertising your business and attracting and retaining customers

  • Business Positions – list and details of roles and responsibilities for running the business

  • Employee Planning – a timeline for filling vacant positions; salaries and benefits for the employees

  • Cash Flow Strategy – expected expenses and income for the first year of the pool cleaning business

A business plan is a vital component of documents required to secure a business loan from a bank or an investor. But even if you have the funds to start a pool cleaning business, writing a business plan will be significantly helpful in offering you insight on running the business.

Learn to Clean Pools

There’s more to pool cleaning than scrubbing the rust and mold. If you don’t have any experience with cleaning pools, begin your learning journey by getting a job at a local pool cleaning business. Application and tracking of pool cleaning chemicals are a large part of maintaining pools. Working under someone will help you learn these trade tricks and train you as a professional. You will also get the chance to build a professional network, deal with clients, and learn about business operations.

Apply for Your Pool/Spa Operator Certificate

Depending on your state, you may need to earn a certificate before applying for a pool cleaning job or starting a pool cleaning business. You can apply for the certificate after completing the course designed by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). The course teaches instructions to implement pool and water safety so people can enjoy pools with peace of mind.

Even if your state does not require the pool/spa operator certificate, getting one is a good idea. The certificate can make you stand out among the uncertified pool cleaning businesses in your area and increase the chances of success for your business.

Get a Name and Logo

Brainstorm business name ideas and find one available to register. After registering the name, get a logo made for your business. Make sure that the name you choose reflects the services you offer and is easy to recall. Simple business names that are easy-to-remember and pronounce have a higher recall value and get more repeat customers. The logo must also be simple and easy to identify. Any font used in the logo must be readable. It is advisable to hire a professional logo designer for the job.

Get Your Business License

Since you have already registered your pool cleaning business’s name, you can move on to the following steps of setting up your business:

Choose Business Structure

You can start a business in the US as a partnership, sole proprietorship, or limited liability company (LLC) license. Each business structure has different rights and policies under the law.

Most trades and small businesses are registered as Limited Liability Company or LLCs, providing greater protection in case the business gets sued. It is advised that you register your pool cleaning business as an LLC to ensure financial security. However, you can also get help from the Chamber of Commerce to determine the best business structure for your business.

Select an Agent

Getting a registered agent is essential for registering an LLC. Your agent will handle the business on its behalf. You must name a registered agent as your business agent.

Submit Required Documents

You will need to provide various documents to finalize your business registration. These documents usually include verification of identity and an LLC operating agreement. An LLC operating agreement defines the framework for a business. This includes guidelines for operations such as profit sharing, governance, ownership, etc. A lack of guidelines for these operations can result in stressful situations in case of unwanted claims and requests. However, an LLC operating agreement protects the rights of business owners and allows them greater authority over their business. Not all states require an LLC operating agreement. But you should get one regardless of the need for its various benefits.

After submitting the required documents, you should soon receive your business license. As soon as you receive it, open a bank account for your business and set it up for taxes to avoid any unwanted legal repercussions.

Buy Pool Cleaning Equipment

You will need the following equipment for your pool cleaning business:

  • Pool vacuum

  • Pool vacuum hose

  • Pool cleaning chemicals

  • Chlorine tablets

  • pH test strips

  • pH increaser/decreaser

  • Pool enzymes

  • Pool shock

  • Algaecide

  • Telescopic pole

  • Corner brush

  • Algae brush

  • Pool cartridges

  • DE grids/powder

  • Sand

Find a wholesaler so you can purchase high-quality equipment and avail a discount for the bulk purchase. Buying the equipment in bulk will save you considerable money. However, you can purchase pool cartridges, DE grids, and sand according to the requirements of each project if you don’t want to spend too much money upfront.

Get Insurance

A pool cleaning business requires you to work on clients’ properties. Hence, you need to get small business insurance to ensure more excellent protection for yourself and your business in cases of accidents or damage.

An insurance policy covering general liability, commercial property, and business income insurance is essential for pool cleaning businesses. However, you can also look for policies that provide coverage for equipment damage, vehicle damage, employee complaints, employee injuries, and lawsuits. An insurance policy that covers all these factors will provide enhanced protection against accidents, claims, unseen loss, criminal charges, and bankruptcy.

Get a Website

With everything else ready, you need to mark your business’s existence so customers can find you. Companies mark their presence online for maximum reach in today's digital world. So get a website for your business to make it more legitimate. A business website will allow you to inform the potential customers of the vision and values on which you operate your business, the services you offer, and images and testimonials from your previous clients.

But building a website can be challenging. It requires designing an easy-to-navigate layout, choosing the right colors, adding media content, and writing compelling copy. If you want to make this process easy for yourself, you can just head over to Trady is a website building service for trades and home services. It includes exclusive features such as booking appointments online and allowing customers to make payments. It takes only a few minutes to set up the perfect website. These features make it easy and quick for customers to hire their desired service, earning you more customers. Try the 14-day free trial by Trady to convince yourself.

Market Your Business

Once your website is ready, it’s time for you to announce your business’s presence. You can market your business through the traditional routes of posting advertisements in the classified section of local newspapers and magazines. However, you must also brainstorm and execute a digital marketing strategy to direct potential customers to your website. This will include creating social media accounts for your business and running sponsored ads. You will also need to make business accounts on websites like Yelp and Nextdoor and advertise your business on local websites.

If marketing the business sounds overwhelming, you can stick to cleaning the pools and getting for end-to-end marketing solutions. Trady doesn’t only build websites but also provides marketing services to direct traffic to the website and earn you customers. Try the 14-day free trial by Trady to see how it can make running your business easy.

That’s it! Once you have successfully executed the above nine steps, you should start getting clients. Provide exceptional services to convert first-time clients into regulars. Besides providing excellent services, ensure that you come across as professional yet friendly. Be punctual and courteous. Listen to your clients to understand their needs so you can deliver the job as expected or better.

The pool cleaning business is a highly profitable business idea since pools require frequent cleaning and maintenance. So once you make a name, you can build a pool for yourself like that of Scrooge McDuck.