7 Things to Include in a Cleaning Service Website

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If you want your cleaning service business to thrive, start working on your website now! Don't think a website that barely closes any deal for you is with you for the long haul. You need something that gets the jobs rolling for you and helps you convert leads to sales. 

Scroll down to see what you can do to improve your cleaning service website! 

  1. Website Creation – Apply for Ease in Operation

Whether you are creating your website yourself or enlisting the help of someone, make sure your website is neat and clean. Don't think you absolutely have to use all that white space on your website because nothing overcrowded pleases the eye. 

Try experimenting with different fonts and images to know what suits your business and keep it consistent. Infographics and pictures are powerful tools and impart information in a much more accessible way. 

Also, make your website responsive to iOS and Android. Most people use their phones to browse for convenience, and it would be a shame if they can't access your website even when it's ranked high on SERPs. 

If you think you don't know all the tricks of the trade, then you can find some assistance here

  1. Contact Details - Make Yourself Accessible 

This is a no-brainer, but you should include your contact details on your cleaning service website. Don't strain your audience by hiding it in some dark place or leaving it as a footnote under an otherwise irrelevant piece of information. If you are available 24 hours a day, advertise it loud and clear at the top of your page! 

  1. Price Estimates – Provide Flexibility  

Most cleaning service businesses steer clear of price estimates, afraid they might limit their potential to a certain quote. On the other hand, consumers want to know what they are getting into from the get-go. Customized price quotes can bail you out of this tight spot by allowing consumers to select area, type of cleaning, the intensity of labor, etc. Or you can just do things the old-fashioned way and add a wide range of estimates to placate their curiosity. In any case, you must add something to give them an estimation to match their budget. 

  1. Customer Testimonials – Add Credibility to Your Work 

Your previous work validates the quality of work you are offering to your customers. Your target audience wants to know whether they can trust you or not, which is why they go through your social media for clues and scour the internet for reviews. 

No one is a stranger to home invasions and robberies, and when people invite an outsider to their private space, they want to be sure that their family and house are safe with them around. You are responsible for handing them that security as a cleaning service business. 

  • Dedicate a space to customer testimonials on your website. 

  • Ask your satisfied and loyal clientele to write a short testimonial for your business and put it up on your cleaning service website. 

  • Take pictures of your work and include them side-by-side with the testimonials. 

Complete transparency allows you to lock sales more easily. 

  1. Awards or Certifications – Highlight Your Strengths 

The online space is teeming with home service companies, leaving no room for amateur hustle. While you sweat in vain, your competitors are out there, bragging about their accomplishments and accolades. You need to set yourself apart from them by highlighting your unique strengths. 

If a local magazine has praised you in their home style column, make your website wear it like a badge of honor. 

Are you using a new technology that none of your competitors have? Flex your innovation on your website. 

Perhaps, you are working on reducing your carbon print through your cleaning practices? Advocate for the cause and make your ambitions known. 

Anything that can give you a competitive advantage over your rivals is worth putting up on the cleaning service website. 

  1. Hours of Operation – Make Things Easy for Users 

While your website takes care of providing information and locking sales, sometimes people want to contact the face behind the operation to answer their specific queries. To enable this facility, you should mention your hours of operation on your website. 

A cleaning service business is not limited by the usual working hours. Sometimes, customers want you to do your job at odd hours, and if that's something you are not ready for, you can specify your dealbreakers on your website. 

  1. SEO Optimization – Reach Your Target Audience 

A website without SEO optimization is as good as dead. You must enable your website to rank on SERPs to score leads and close sales. This requires adding keywords related to your industry in your website content as naturally and subtly as possible. Don't stuff your content with unrelated jargon just to rank higher in unrelated searches. Your business is localized, so you should target the local clientele. It's no use ranking for cleaning service in California when you are based in Los Angeles. 

Pro tip: Long tail keywords help you rank higher as they are less competitive and come up on specific searches. 


An efficient website for any business prioritizes user preference and makes your business appear flexible and accessible to the target audience. You can be the hero of your neighborhood, but if you fail to make a mark online, your cleaning service business will hardly ever take off. But with a website that's quick in converting leads and reaching your target audience, the world is your oyster!